Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dec 26, 27, 28th, 1970 - Legion Stadium

Legion Stadium
El Monte, CA
Dec 26,27,28th, 1970

This three night run is a great finale to amazing year for the Dead. Each development in the band's tour is like a small treasure never to be repeated and these three soundboards from the band in that extremely small window just after the end of the Acoustic Shows and just before the arrival of the new material from 1971 is its own time piece. There's no poster for this show, but check out the poster for the New Year's Eve show at the Winterland.

Legion Stadium - Dec 26th, 1970
Legion Stadium - Dec 27th, 1970
Legion Stadium - Dec 28th, 1970

Nov 16th, 1970 - Fillmore East

Fillmore East
New York, NY
Nov 16th, 1970

The last Fillmore East show of 1970. Now, finished with their 'Acoustic Dead' show, this gig at the Fillmore rounds out their progression through 1970.

Fillmore East - Nov 16th, 1970

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sympathy For The Audience Recording #4

Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY
Nov 8th, 1970

The last night of a four night run at the Capitol Theater. As the band begins to wind down their 1970 tour, they play another phenomenal night in Port Chester. The last 'Acoustic Dead' set, including the last 'Operator' and last 'Wake Up Little Suzie', this show also has some rare gems in the electric set including the only known performance of 'Mystery Train' and 'My Babe'. This show is truly the last of that special time which was the Dead in 1970.

Capitol Theater - Nov 8th, 1970

Oct 4th, 1970 - Winterland Theater

Winterland Theater
San Francisco, CA
Oct 4th, 1970

The night Janis Joplin died. Only a few months after the Festival Express and short weeks after death of Jimi Hendrix. 1970 was a year of joy and tragedy for the Dead. This show simply could not be over looked.

Winterland Theater - Oct 4th, 1970

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sept 20th, 1970 - Fillmore East

Fillmore East
New York, NY
Sept 20th, 1970

Another great soundboard from the Fillmore East. The Fillmore East was certainly a hot spot for the Dead in 1970 and this show, the last of a four night run, is another fine example of that, 'Big Boy Pete' is a special treat. Also to note is that Jimi Hendrix died the just the day before this show.

Fillmore East - Sept 20th, 1970

Sympathy For The Audience Recording #3

Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
Aug 18th & 19th, 1970

The last two shows of another three night run at the Fillmore West, these shows to me represent the culmination of where the Dead were going in 1970. With the arrival of 'Trucking', 'Brokedown Palace', 'Operator', and 'Ripple' along with the already established 'Working Man's Dead' material and the still freshly introduced 'Attics of My Life' and 'Sugar Magnolia', these shows are where it really all came together.

Fillmore West - Aug 18th, 1970
Fillmore West - Aug 19th, 1970

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Festival Express

This trip through 1970 would be incomplete if I did not stop to acknowledge the legendary festival express tour where The Band, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and host of other bands packed onto a train and rolled across Canada.

Although I don't have a recording for this, there's no need. Go grab a copy of the Festival Express DVD and see it all for yourself.

Sympathy For The Audience Recording #2

Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY
June 24th, 1970

Another great night at the Capitol Theater and all thanks to the infamous Ken Lee taper. What makes these shows so special is not only the amazing performances by the Dead but also that these recordings ever reached the ears of the public from the clutches of Ken Lee, who guarded his recordings with ferocity. This must be thanks once again to Judy's brother, Marc, and I thank him for that.

Capitol Theater - June 24th, 1970

June 4th-7th, 1970 - Fillmore West

Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
June 7th, 1970

Back from England, the Dead play another 4 nights at the Fillmore West. Now fully integrated into their Acoustic/Electric Dead shows, the band begin to add more new songs to their roster and on their last night for this run at the Fillmore West, the first 'Sugar Magnolia' is played.

Fillmore West - June 4th, 1970
Fillmore West - June 5th, 1970
Fillmore West - June 6th, 1970
Fillmore West - June 7th, 1970

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

May 24th, 1970 - Newcastle, England

Hollywood Music Festival
Newcastle, England
May 24th, 1970

This recording's a little rough around the edges but for the Dead's European debut it's worth it! The band play a solid show full of their popular songs to set the stage. All I can say is that this show certainly foreshadows the enormous Euro Dead shows that were to come in following years.

Newcastle, England - May 24th, 1970

May 15th, 1970 - Fillmore East

Fillmore East
New York, NY
May 15th, 1970

This show is a four set monster, with an acoustic and electric set for both the early and late shows, add two sets of 'The New Riders of the Purple Sage' and this was one of those legendary nights which lasted till dawn. Another great example of the Dead hitting some roadblocks by hecklers calling out for 60s classics during their acoustic set but the Dead persevere with an amazing acoustic 'I Know You Rider' and rare Pigpen classic 'The Rub' in the early acoustic set and then delivering a mesmerizing 'Attics of my Life' before going into a 'Saint Stephen>The Other One' jam in early electric set to the applause of the impatient crowd. I won't spoil the rest of the show but I'll end with, take an evening to yourself to enjoy this entire show in its fullest. You won't be disappointed.

Fillmore East - May 15th, 1970

Monday, July 21, 2008

May 14th, 1970 - Marramec Community College

Marramec Community College
Kirkwood, MO
May 14th, 1970

This show is a great warm-up to the monster 4 set Fillmore East show the next night. And, more importantly, it is the first known performance of 'Attics of my Life' off of the album 'American Beauty', a beautiful song which is rarely played outside of 1970. So, in honour of the debut for 'Attics of my Life' a supercool 'American Beauty' promo poster.

Marramec Community College - May 14th, 1970

Dick's Picks Vol, 8

Harper College
Binghamtom, NY
May 2nd, 1970

Dick sure could pick them. This is a great show and the begins the tour of universities and colleges the band does graduation gigs for throughout the spring.

April 15th At the Winterland

Winterland Theater
San Francisco, CA
April 15th, 1970

No poster for this show, but its a great follow up show to the Fillmore West gig. Great recording with a few cuts but the energy of the show makes up for it. In particular, a great exchange between Bobby and Pigpen during 'Lovelight'.

Winterland - April 15th, 1970

Sunday, July 20, 2008

April 12th, 1970 - Fillmore West

Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
April 12th, 1970

Back at the Fillmore West in San Francisco for another 4 night run. This time however, with the Miles Davis Quintet. I have focused primarily on the two Fillmore's as anchors for the 1970 tour and so this night is included. However, another reason to mention this show is the trend of blending old and new in 1970 by opening with 'Good Morning Little School Girl' and closing with 'Viola Lee Blues' while introducing some still fairly new material in the middle of the set like 'Candyman'. Enjoy.

Fillmore West - April 12th, 1970

Mar 24th, 1970 - Pirates World

Pirates World
Dania, FL
Mar 24th, 1970

Pirates World - Mar 24th, 1970

Sympathy For The Audience Recording #1

Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY
March 21st, 1970

This is a great show and for so many reasons. The first being that this may be the first known performance of 'Friend of the Devil'. However, on top of that there are alot of great rare songs with 'Walking the Dog' and 'He Was A Friend of Mine' in the early show following with an amazing acoustic set in the late show. However, on top of all this, this audience recording perfectly highlights the tribulations the band had to go through in 1970. With the audience calling out for 60s classics like 'Saint Stephen' and 'Dark Star', the band has to struggle to introduce their new folk material. On top of this, the nature of how this very special audience recording even came to the public is yet another interesting aspect to this rare find. Recorded by Ken & Judy Lee, Ken was a security guard at the Capitol Theater who was given permission to record the shows by the owner, but only for his entertainment. Ken, apparently over zealous in his promise, kept his word and never let any of his tapes into the trading circles. However, Ken did let his brother-in-law Marc make copies of a few select shows for himself and Marc apparently was not so hush hush about them. Thus a rare and great quality audience recording of this night exists. I could go on about why I'm so enchanted by this recording but I'll finish by saying download and enjoy.

Capitol Theater - 1970, March 21st (Early Show)
Capitol Theater - 1970, March 21st

Feb 27th-Mar 1st, 1970 - Family Dog at the Great Highway

Family Dog at the Great Highway
San Francisco, CA
Feb 27th-Mar 1st, 1970

The 28th is my personal pick for this three nut run. The Dead seem a little bent out of shape the first night and the last night suffers from a patched up recording. However, you be the judge and take a listen for yourself.

Family Dog - Feb 27th, 1970
Family Dog - Feb 28th, 1970
Family Dog - Mar 1st, 1970

Feb 23rd - The Auditorium

The Auditorium
Austin, TX
Feb 23rd, 1970

I'm not sure why Jefferson Airplane and the crew were putting on a benefit concert for the band but I would be curious to find. But, as San Francisco heated up at the Winterland, the Dead cool it off with some acoustic magic in Austin.

The Auditorium - Feb 23rd, 1970

Feb 11th-14th, 1970 - New York

Fillmore East
New York, NY
Feb 11th, 1970

Straight from San Francisco the Dead play a three night gig at the Fillmore East the 11th, 13th, & 14th. The 13th and 14th were used for Dick Picks 4, but for your listening pleasure is the opening night's late show. A momentous show with an unbelievable host of special guests playing with them including the Allman Brothers Duane and Greg along with Butch Trucks, Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mack, and Arthur Lee from Love. An historic night to say the least.

Fillmore East - Feb 11th, 1970
Ungano's Night Club - Feb 12th, 1970
Dick's Picks 4 - Fillmore East - Feb 13th & 14th, 1970

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feb 6th, 1970 - Fillmore West

Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
Feb 6th, 1970

This show was part of a 4 night stint at the Fillmore West in San Francisco. A generally solid show with a good sounding soundboard although I added this primarily for two reasons. One, the poster was just too cool. And two, to give a fleshed out perspective of the 1970 tour, using the two Fillmore's as markers for the touring schedule.

Fillmore West - Feb 6th, 1970

Busted Down On Bourbon Street

Live at the Warehouse - Jan 31st, 1970
New Orleans, LA

This is a great show and there are two reasons to appreciate it. One, is that this the show just after the infamous bust which inspired the classic "Trucking". Two, although the band had begun to play some acoustic material late 69, this is the first 'Acoustic Dead' show of 1970, possibly because Phil's busted amp, possibly not, but whatever spurned the 'Acoustic Dead', it is the hallmark of 1970 shows and reveals the band's urge to step out of a pure psychedelic sound and back into their folk roots.

Live at the Warehouse - Jan 31, 1970

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jan 23rd & 24th - Honolulu Civic Auditorium, Hawaii

Honolulu Civic Auditorium
Honolulu, HI
Jan 23rd &24th, 1970

I'm not sure how many people were at these shows but the band certainly cooked for whoever was there, and the recording is so pristine that it shines out for all who weren't. This may be their first show in Hawaii....but, don't quote me on that.

Honolulu Civic Auditorium - Jan 23rd, 1970
Honolulu Civic Auditorium - Jan 24th, 1970

Jan, 2nd & 3rd @ The Fillmore East

Fillmore East
New York, NY
Jan 2nd & 3rd, 1970

These two shows at the Fillmore East are not only fantastic shows, they represent the direction the band adopted throughout the early 70's with their folk-electric style. These shows establish the Working Man's Dead material which had been floating in throughout 69, as well as a resurgence of Motown and Blues which had always been an influence on the band. On top of which these shows mark, in my mind at least, the relationship which developed between the Dead and New York, whether at the Fillmore East or Capitol Theater in Port Chester. Whereas the 60's are dominated by San Francisco and the California area, New York is really where the Dead shined during 1970.

Jan 2nd, 1970 - Fillmore East
Jan 3rd, 1970 - Fillmore East