Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sympathy For The Audience Recording #1

Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY
March 21st, 1970

This is a great show and for so many reasons. The first being that this may be the first known performance of 'Friend of the Devil'. However, on top of that there are alot of great rare songs with 'Walking the Dog' and 'He Was A Friend of Mine' in the early show following with an amazing acoustic set in the late show. However, on top of all this, this audience recording perfectly highlights the tribulations the band had to go through in 1970. With the audience calling out for 60s classics like 'Saint Stephen' and 'Dark Star', the band has to struggle to introduce their new folk material. On top of this, the nature of how this very special audience recording even came to the public is yet another interesting aspect to this rare find. Recorded by Ken & Judy Lee, Ken was a security guard at the Capitol Theater who was given permission to record the shows by the owner, but only for his entertainment. Ken, apparently over zealous in his promise, kept his word and never let any of his tapes into the trading circles. However, Ken did let his brother-in-law Marc make copies of a few select shows for himself and Marc apparently was not so hush hush about them. Thus a rare and great quality audience recording of this night exists. I could go on about why I'm so enchanted by this recording but I'll finish by saying download and enjoy.

Capitol Theater - 1970, March 21st (Early Show)
Capitol Theater - 1970, March 21st

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