Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busted Down On Bourbon Street

Live at the Warehouse - Jan 31st, 1970
New Orleans, LA

This is a great show and there are two reasons to appreciate it. One, is that this the show just after the infamous bust which inspired the classic "Trucking". Two, although the band had begun to play some acoustic material late 69, this is the first 'Acoustic Dead' show of 1970, possibly because Phil's busted amp, possibly not, but whatever spurned the 'Acoustic Dead', it is the hallmark of 1970 shows and reveals the band's urge to step out of a pure psychedelic sound and back into their folk roots.

Live at the Warehouse - Jan 31, 1970

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Michael said...

as you correctly stated in your other blog 12-19-1969 was actually the first acoustic set as far as i know, albeit impromptu

they talk about how phil is stuck in traffic, if its not on that one then its the other version on archive!

love the blog though!