Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sympathy For The Audience Recording #2

Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY
June 24th, 1970

Another great night at the Capitol Theater and all thanks to the infamous Ken Lee taper. What makes these shows so special is not only the amazing performances by the Dead but also that these recordings ever reached the ears of the public from the clutches of Ken Lee, who guarded his recordings with ferocity. This must be thanks once again to Judy's brother, Marc, and I thank him for that.

Capitol Theater - June 24th, 1970


Ken said...

Infamous? Hmmmm....

When did a promise stop being just that?

Well, I guess I'm a man of my word.

I felt the technology would eventually enable identical copies with no loss and look what happened.

So I kept the masters in the vault and only sent them past a head to make ourselves a listening copy.


So, go on over to and pick yourself up some digital Dead.

Now, after 30 years working on the railroad, and raising four great human beings, I'm going through the hundreds of hour we got and we're gonna set those puppies loose on the world.

Sorry about the delay, good things come to those who wait.

Ken said...

Please include my partner, wife and constant companion for about 45 years now.

It's Ken and JUDY Lee.

Jude did the tape flips and more importantly, kept the ENTIRE front row from banging on that shiny brass rail in front of them. Let's think about the enormity of that particular task. While the whole house was rocking out, she was ensuring the now amazing quality of sound that my engineered, and carefully laid out system captured.

It's good to be back.